Indian Home Design In Singapore

Located in Singapore, this residence has a modern look. It’s an elegant and very inviting place, with spacious rooms and an overall stylish design. It was designed by Sanjay Puri Architects and it’s perfect for family homes. The residence covers a total area of n of 3800 square feet and it’s located just steps away from the beach. The project was completed in 2011.

The residence is a two-story structure with a beautiful architecture. The clients requested a contemporary look with open spaces and a chic and fresh look. The architects used a variety of design methods to bring this design up to the same standard. During the process, the house was furnished with custom furniture as well as an array of western elements and industrial hints. Some of the spaces were kept intact, thus creating a beautiful continuity between the rooms.

The interior has a south to west orientation but with modern influences. The dining room is a bright and spacious room, featuring an industrial décor. The residence also has a rooftop terrace. The views from there are absolutely wonderful. The inhabitants are free to enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean or they can relax in the sun loungers and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

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The residence includes three bedrooms. The master bedroom suite is bright and spacious, with ocean views, large windows and beautifully decorated furniture with details. The house also features a one-bedroom cottage with a beautiful indoor-outdoor entertainment space, a koi pond, a fountain and a gym also located on the lower level of the house. The main house features a curved roof facing the ocean views, thus appearing as if the house is floating over the edge of space and the ocean.

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