Wood Grain Tiles A Favorite Bathroom Accessory

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but wood grain is very popular almost everywhere. That’s because it adds warmth to any room. And it’s very safe and very durable. It’s a great detail to have when you’re going back in the bathroom to clean things up so you have everything to store in there and easy to take care of. So a wooden grain rug can be very charming in there.

Just take a look at this place. It’s beautiful and also very easy to clean. The tiles add some extra warmth and they look very beautiful in there. It’s a perfect example that shows us a way to be chic and beautiful without having intricate or very detailed designs. This rug is actually a combination of many elements that could easily fit in there. We mean wood grain tiling. It looks very beautiful, with those little slits you have in the surface of the rug. Notice all those little details that make it so special. It wouldn’t necessarily look like the traditional rug we all have in mind when we think of wood flooring.

So if you really like this style, go ahead and decorate your bathroom in the same style. You can be certain that the result will be exactly as you imagined. There are lots of ways to make this look unique. And for that you’ll need to use the same type of flooring.

You could use same type of flooring for the kitchen or bathroom and the result would be a different look for both of them. Also, you could bring the indoor-outdoor connection in there by using similar flooring and maybe even the living room rugs. Let’s not forget about the ceiling. It’s not common to have tall ceilings but it can look nice in here too. Curtains are also popular and loved.

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