Images Of Modern Houses By Ibarst Studio

Ibarst Studio is an international architectural studio known for its inclination towards minimalist and contemporary designs, always staying true to a client’s vision for a client’s dream.

The studio works with mass-produced residential materials such as timber, plastic, PVC vinyl or steel. The architectural framing is softened with low-e wrapings and precision designed details. It features modern minimalist post and beam construction, which distinguishes it from traditional timber structures.

Images Of Modern Houses By Ibarst Studio Photo 2

This residence is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and was designed for a client by Arik Levy and his team at Ibarst Studio.

The existing envelope was completely reimagined. The sectional features cantilevered bases and round steel elements. The sectional design was kept while the kitchen and dining area on the left side open to a terrace on the right side. This complete integration into the surrounding environment was a natural thought as well.

The integrated environments are visually connected to each other and this detail gives the entire residence an overall continuous and fluid appearance.

The sleek, modern kitchen which can be ordered in both open and closed doors features minimalist furniture with a smooth lacquered finish.

The only exception to this is the master bathroom which has walls lined with walnut. This combination of warm tones and materials create a relaxing and inviting ambiance, combining a sense of family atmosphere with modern design.

The palette of materials and finishes used throughout the project include less heavy-installant materials, wood and concrete corten and black aluminum planks. The result is a balanced design that maintains a large air volume and also offers a pleasant lighting.

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