Armani Home In Zagreb By Dva Arhitekta D.o.o

This stunning home is located in Zagreb, Croatia.

It was designed by Dva Arhitekta d.o.o in 2015 and covers an area of 5,603 square feet.

Armani House in Zagreb by Dva Arhitekta d.o.o:

“Zagreb is a mostly residential city with a characteristic urban typology, where many work from locals…

Armani Home In Zagreb By Dva Arhitekta D.o.o Photo 4

Despite the urban interests and the customs, traditional construction techniques, especially local construction materials with spears and wooden hammocks, surrounded by a dense forest and little crops, gardening has become more and more important in our lives. The benefits, in the case of gardening, are structural: there is no cave in the thick of Zagreb‘s most character. Furthermore, it is an element of daily life that drives sustainable choices: in the later figures, we rearrange the traditional forms of the city with more functional choices such as a vertical garden in Zagreb’s most important urban park, removing the definition of the urban form limit.

Armani Home In Zagreb By Dva Arhitekta D.o.o Photo 5

The plot of land on which Casa Bem grew, marked by traditional forms of the city, was the primordial source of inspiration for the project: a landscape whose design could take the shape of the landscape. The shape of the plan, the force of the plan, the dimensions, angles and lights all came together to create the final concept evoking a labyrinthine landscape, filled with animals and plants and all sorts of flowers and plants.

To complete the landscape, all the common spaces are elevated to take advantage of the views, while an open grill terrace with bocci plants and a barbecue terrace are located in the heart of the house. Upstairs are the bedrooms and the respective bathrooms, while to the right are the office and technical spaces at the point where volumes and curved slopes meet, forming a platform for the relaxation areas. Upstairs are the rooftop terraces with spectacular views over the rooftops of Bicner Stale in Zagreb.”

Photos by: Robert Les

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