Pool Dining Table Combo By Lovely Label

The essential pieces of furniture in any house or apartment are not only these elements but also all the little touches that complete everything. When it comes to choosing furniture for your bathroom, maybe it’s not a given. We have selected a few examples to support this idea. Let’s take a closer look at these sinks and bars. The Rosa sink is a very simple but also very ingenious creation.

The name is very suggestive here because this modern piece is not something you can touch. It has a design inspired by the bar counter. The shape is also unusual. The sink is divided into two separate parts and this allows the user to easily wash his clothes by hand, just in a circular motion. Rosa is a very ingenious sink. It has a minimalist design and the materials it was built using are very efficient and practical. The sink also features several drawers that are great for storing all the utensils and elements you usually use in the bathroom.

The sink features a beautiful stone finish that gives it a traditional look but the shape has been respected since several years. The tubes that you see are the only colorful elements in the design. The overall dimensions of this chic sink are 79? long, 32 1/2? wide. Also, perfect for small spaces, the sink is really cute. It has curved edges and an industrial look. It would look beautiful in a modern bathroom. Traditional bathrooms would integrate it with classical elements such as a wooden floor or a simple, minimalist wall unit. It’s a piece that can be a very useful piece in terms of storage.Available for 414$.

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