Outdoor Covered Bar Set

No matter where you are, you might not have enough space for a bar. It’s probably why people prefer to have an outdoor bar, even though it’s indoors. If you’re worried that the bar would be difficult to decorate or that it might be too cold, there’s a very simple solution. It’s covered in a soft fabric and it would be a great addition to your outdoor bar. It’s simple and chic and it lets the bar look beautiful in the middle of the patio or on the deck.

Because of the design of this particular model, the dimensions can be adapted to your space and this also includes the dimensions of the counter. For example, it measures 63” L x 30” W x 30” H overall, with the top open so you can easily identify the material and design. The counters are made of natural bamboo, water-based bamboo fiber, and sustainably harvested domestic hardwood.

This traditional outdoor bar cart is guaranteed to be durable and resistant to all sorts of weather conditions. It’s waterproof and splash-resistant and it includes heavy-duty cast aluminum wheels. Also, the counter can accommodate ice picks, anchor plates, pellis and anything with a surface area of 4 cm. This traditional patio bar cart is recommended for medium-sized yards or for balconies. It can be purchased at the price of €11.24- € 15.24.

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