Chalkboard Room Divider By Michael Anastassiadeso

The main purpose of a bedroom is…well, basically anything. And, why should the bedroom be, if not a divider? It provides the division of space required to get to sleep and a nice feeling that can be adjusted according to the room’s use and needs. Still, apart from appearance, the idea behind the creation of the colorful chalkboard room divider is also to draw attention to this element and suggest directions. This is often a good idea, as a room divider increases storage space. It’s good to have one, even if it only has a partial wall. Some wall niches and artwork can add personality to the furniture.

Designers created spaces such as this one. It’s a space divider that can transform into a work station. It only has one shelf, big enough for a laptop, a bunch of small books or items needs to be stored there depending on how the whole room is organized. The overall dimensions of this space are 5?; 24?; 14?; 16?; 18?; 18?; 18?. You can buy this fun piece at prices between 118.19 and 01.82 euros. It has an asymmetrical design and comes in two versions. Buy it from Zara Home for $44.98.

Chalkboard Room Divider By Michael Anastassiadeso Photo 3

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