Modern Bathtub Shower Combo In White And Grey Designed By Trish O’Brien

Nowadays, when it comes to interiors, most people prefer a simple, minimalist style. It’s a great way of introducing color and a plus when it comes to creating unusual and dramatic décors. This bathtub shower combo is something that Trish O’Brien had in mind when designing her home. Not only that it’s a very interesting feature, but it also features a very simple design.

The beauty of this design is that it mixes two elements in such a simple and unusual way, that you don’t expect something simple and yet sophisticated and contemporary when you combine these two elements and create an outstanding décor. Notice the subtle black and grey tones and the way the water flows through the tub and then cascades down.

Modern Bathtub Shower Combo In White And Grey Designed By Trish O’Brien Photo 2

The designer took the concept presented here and modified it and introduced it into her bathroom. More than that, she found a wonderful way of not blending lines but fusing interior and exterior. The result is a very inviting and chic interior décor and a very beautiful exterior. In order to emphasize the sophisticated lines, the designer also used contrasting elements.

For the shower area, especially the two integrated shelves positioned vertically on the wall adjacent to the tub. They add a very chic touch to the décor. In total, between the shelves and the tub, there are five little bathrooms. They all have bathrooms attached and they don’t have the shower unit that’s good above the tub but rather above the sink/ tub shutter. They manage to emphasize the elegant and luxurious design of the bathroom.

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