Small Bar Sinks By Antonio Zaninovic Architecture Studio

Bar sinks are probably the most versatile bathroom accessories. They are not very obvious but not very easy to spot. Still, this doesn’t make them uninteresting. Antonio Zaninovic Architecture Studio has found a way around that problem. They came up with a design for a small sink which they name is NOTK. IT’S called REBON. This unusual sink was designed for a kitchen. Of course, you’re wondering how exactly it can be that unusual.

The REBON sink is handcrafted from all natural and durable wood. It has a beautiful shape and a simple design. The material is both resistant to steam and moisture and also durable and stylish. The design makes it very versatile. The sink is part of a new line that also includes two stools. They can be used separately or as a set. They are quirky and funny and they feature fun and quirky designs. A lot of people would instantly love to have such a sink in their bathroom. It’s probably because of their playful looks and the comfort that such a piece brings.

The multitude of shapes and sizes and color palettes that can be created thanks to such a simple design and friendly shape seem to be great for the bathroom. There are just a few differences of style that need to be mentioned. Most of them are related to shape, material, texture and color. Overall, a bathroom should be spare and minimalist. It should be the place where family members and guests are reunited and where the usual accessories are not focal point but rather why would you have a bunch of decorations take place in such a space.

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