White Table Decorations For An Eye-catching Interior Design

White table settings have a certain simplicity that is very difficult to get bored with. Bright whites always make the atmosphere more simple but every other color has its own advantages as well. White is a strong color so you have to use temperate nuances in order to create the perfect décor for a room.

A white table setting is not that hard so you’re more or less done with the setting. You can use it however you want. In case you have trouble, you can even make use of wallpaper. Also, a table cloth would be a very good choice for a décor like this. A matching set of plates, a rug and a few candles make this part of the room complete.

White Table Decorations For An Eye-catching Interior Design Photo 2

If you wish to obtain a more dramatic look, use metallic elements. Large lacquered mirrors are popular and they reflect light from the room as well as the dining area. Mirrors that also feature mercury glass or other metallic elements usually create a distinguished visual effect that send indirectly into the room. If there are large windows you would like to created a similar effect.

White Table Decorations For An Eye-catching Interior Design Photo 3

Then there’s also the table itself. It needs to be sturdy and you have to be careful when choosing the base. In this case some rolled-down drop-leaf table lamps were used. This makes the table very chic and elegant. It’s a casual décor, just the way an interior intended to be decorated.

Since the room is simple in its overall design, you can create eye-catching combinations by combining the height of the table with its base. This combination can also include other elements and it’s not even necessary to use the same type of table for all the other pieces. You can simply make sure the height of the table is smaller on the base than it actually is.

If the décor is simple and stylish, then the table can be paired with other accessories and can include a series of small and chic lamps, just like in the case of this eclectic dining room.

For a game room, you could use unique table designs. Don’t forget about the long and simple side. It would have to be perfect for the game. And for that, there are always some matching decorations. You could opt for wooden table tops that look more interesting but only for the size of the table.

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