Freestanding Shower Enclosures From Lidse Malerbaumer

These glass and steel shower enclosures are perfect for the modern bathroom and for the contemporary home architecture. The contemporary way of using these structures is to furnish them, so the houses evolve with the time. LIDSE is a well known Italian digital design company that was founded more than 6 years ago by designer , Carlo Scarpa, and nowadays has a huge business wing dedicated to the development of all kind of specialized water treatment equipment for the residential industry.

A long time later, LIDSE was looking for a reliable source of water technology to test and then designs customized for specific situations, specific situations, like for a Vineyard and Spa in Shoreditch, an urban farm in Eastern London. The company specializes in customizing water treatment programmes for private customers. The enclosures, Ildirk Mirøy is made from blackened bronze and has a milled aluminum finial. These elements are connected by a rubber-and-claw joint system with electronic stimulated LED lighting that illuminates the whole structure. The glass enclosure is covered simply to protect the privacy of the customers and the rubber fence offers the privacy needed to achieve minimal impact for such a largea volume. The first floor of the private wing is completely glazed and has a 270-degree view of the whole surroundings, either above, below, through absorbent glass pylons to the courtyards and so on.

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