Park Benches Design By Sybro-Max

Named after the Northern sky that shaped our world for millennia, the Park bench is as beautiful now as it was back then. Now, its time for the park to be built in a place that celebrates the beauty of nature and serves as the perfect setting to celebrate Christmas in harmony with the landscape.

The park will be built around a unique twisted tree which is the central piece around which the benches will be assembled. It’s not just the branches that form the shadow system. All the elements incorporated within the bench concept are made from natural materials such as wood and leather. The arms on the benches are made from angle irnate copper which is balanced by the copper legs which are available in black and copper.

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The Twist around the bench is the most wonderful statement piece for the entire Holiday decor. It’s chic how the long and thin legs and overall shape and structure are the same one but the wood only adds warmth and comfort to the space. The fact that the benches are made from copper only makes them more special. Metal is most prominent in the case of the posts and that’s achieved by the fact that the legs are long and come from angle irad combining the pipe supports with metal with a bare and natural finish.

A lot of holiday decorations are inspired by the pine trees that have large and vibrant branches that burn a nice fire advantage. At the same time Christmas becomes more meaningful and all the presents become classical decorations, especially those that have metallic framework. This is a traditional display color that has a classic vibe to it but at the same time this emphasizes its simplicity and uniqueness.

A more refined nuance is also a nuance that deserves to be grouped into even the best of holiday decorations. We love metallic accents and gold-plated ribbons framed with strings of lights for the Christmas tree. They pair quite nicely with the natural colored pine branches which brings out a warm, natural vibe.{found on hartology}.

A Christmas bench is really just the thing to complete the living space. It can be the piece of furniture that welcomes everyone when they enter or can be a centerpiece that’s meant to complete the area. Isn’t this precious yellow candle adorable?

Everywhere you look there’s something special touched in the Christmas tree and what about a traditional Christmas tree? It’s not Christmas without a tea tree and that’s very tempting. If you like quirkiness, we have something to show you with. These whimsically shaped candles actually look like the tea tree we love so much.

A traditional Christmas tree can go a long way in giving you a comfortable setup but also one that is adequate for the little people to take a seat and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a delicious cup of coffee and while you’re discussing that, how about you make a little DIY wreath that puts together two elements that you enjoy from making a Christmas wreath? Your own talent is to make your own DIY project.

Need a cute project idea for a tiny Christmas tree? Make it yourself. A yarn wreath made using an old sweater can make a wonderful decoration for the Christmas tree. You can also improve your existing door knob if you don’t have it. Just find the right place to hang it and maybe it will stay there forever. {found on diyshowoff}.

We’ll end with a cool idea that we found on allthingspaper. It suggests storing favorite books in a tree branch. Actually, this isn’t the only way to use the idea. The little cable lampshade featured here is pretty self-explanatory so maybe you can use that to your advantage when you’re decorating the tree or in other spaces.

The Christmas tree ornament idea featured on sawdustgirl is quite interesting, so don’t be intimidated by it. More practical and aesthetically-pleasing, this ornament is made using glass cake molds and plastic party hats. Working with clear blue cake molds is very easy. You need to let the kids draw the faces and then transfer the faces onto the paper molds, selecting the ones you want to use as inspiration. After that, draw the tree’s flower,actus or Christmas tree image as you make up and paint over it, leaving a gap behind once the paint is dry.

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