Stackable Cube Storage Unit

Storage is always important. It’s not just spaces like the living room where you have to stuff your clothes and put them in a box, the kitchen where you have to store the things you already have, the bedroom or the office. It should be the room where you store things like notes, documents or memos. But even so, it doesn’t hurt to add a few clever storage solutions like this Stackable Rack that you can use as an extra storage or to use as a decorations. The reason why this storage unit is so practical is because it’s easy to stack.

It makes it easy to hide all the things in a drawer and because of its simple design it doesn’t take much space and it’s also a nice decoration to use as a nightstand. It’s useful as a bedside table but also as a nice accessory by itself. The dimensions of this storage unit are 37? wide x 14? deep x 15? high. You can buy it for the special price of $350.99. It comes in two different options: with mirror or with leather covering.

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