Bold Curtains And Creative Storage For Your Bathroom

Bathroom is a space that needs to be, first of all, functional. However, the style is not the most important aspect. You can create a beautiful and inviting décor for your bathroom. A simple example would be a modern or contemporary décor. Of course, since bathrooms are areas designed for relaxation and you would also want the décor to share the same style, you could create a very nice storage wall for your bathroom. A minimalist curtain wall could be just what you need. Of course, it would need to be painted in the same color or texture as everything else in the room.

In this case we have a beautiful and very simple bathroom with a sloping ceiling and brown shelves. To make the décor look more interesting and eye-catching, the curtains were painted in a bold tone of light blue. The chair features a dark brown finish. The concrete flooring adds warmth and also a nice touch to the décor. The lamp is also a very beautiful and interesting detail and so are the shelves.

Bold Curtains And Creative Storage For Your Bathroom Photo 2

These chic curtains are a nice space-saving solution for bathrooms. They are also a great opportunity for introducing color into the décor. The bathroom doesn’t usually have much to open and air in this room so it’s nice to see some extra storage ideas that can be adapted and used. The shelves are always great to go with the curtains. It would be a nice idea to have several of them arranged, one for you and one for each member of the family.

Bold Curtains And Creative Storage For Your Bathroom Photo 3

There’s always a better alternative there or else, especially in case you have children. You could have them both in the bathroom, each one special. For example, both kids love the papasan cotton wall curtain that they use for the little ones. It’s not only a practical item but also a nice decorative piece for both of you. The color of the curtains varies as well because of the fabrics the curtains are made of so it should be something bold and contrasting.{ seen on bo-laget}.

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