Bookcase Cubes

In a modern and crowded modern spaces the combination of furniture and stylistic forms is perfect. Casa Luna is one of those spaces. It was designed by Max Caspani, a talented designer from Denmark. Casa Luna is a kind of bookcase with book storage and exhibition spaces. The units were designed for modern and minimal spaces. The shape of the shelves are divided by black pieces that are jointed together on one side by a shelf that is for storage.

To make the space look bigger and more spacious, the designers used different materials. Wood was used, as well as composite wood that is also colored in order to make the units blend into the space a little less striking. The shelves and the space divider are made of Corian, which is a specially made and beautiful wood that is specially formulated to be used for the dowels. All the units look almost the same, except for the bookcase that covers one side of the unit. A very special place to put books. Since the shelves of these units are not load upon, when they are opened, they look like a fun mushroom. Which is great.

Bookcase Cubes Photo 2

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