Courtyard House Design By MART Architects And LENS Architecten

MART Architects have designed this single family residence in the Netherlands, for a couple and their three children.

The building was completed in 2010 and is located in a residential area not far from the city center of Rotterdam.

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Courtyard House by MART Architects and LENS Architecten:

The idea is to create a courtyard house with integrated living zones and gardens facilitating the relationship with the exterior.

The house is to gather together friends and guests during long holiday periods during the summer, during the days immersed in the sun and the summer being just want to spend some peace of mind in the meditative spirit of the constantly changing sounds and shadows of the weather. The house also has a sustainable aspect to it.

The haven is the internal courtyard which connects the various functions of the house yet provides a sense of private outdoor space for “enclosed circle”. The gardens become the focal point of the entire building which is topped with massive pines which over time form a shade covering to the building and the surrounding vegetation.

The overall aesthetic is clean and modern, the materials are robust and mostly maintenance-oriented including concrete and zinc panels on the walls and wooden steps to create a nice contrast.

The overall form and overall design, the materials and textures were carefully selected which in combination with the lighting create the ambiance of a tranquil yet cozy space. The materials and the finishes form a welcoming look that is long lasting and elegant throughout the residence.

The roof is made of corten steel and it can be used as a structure to store winter sports equipment, sporting gear, camping material or just as a decorative element. It’s also a great feature for the entrance of the house when climbing up a flight of stairs to get from level to level in order to open the door.

The interior design is simplistic and modern. White walls and ceilings create a sense of freshness throughout the house and also help create a light and airy décor. A wooden staircase acts as a transition from the main floor of the residence to the rooftop deck with stunning views.

An infinity pool which is framed by a zinc-clad fence access the vast social area, featuring a pizza oven and pizza oven storage and a bar with seating for 20 people.

The kitchen is quite impressive as well. It’s connected to the dining and living areas through floor to ceiling glass doors. An island with seating for eight is placed just outside the glass doors, with views of the pizza oven and the adjacent dining space.

The bar area is quite impressive as well. It’s covered with a landscape effect which adds texture to the otherwise simple design.

From the outdoor sitting area one can reach the interior garden through a pair of glass doors. It is actually a glass box with timber brise-soleils which shelter the interior in a sleek, warm and a little bit rustic appearance.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are as exquisite as the rest of the residence. The simplicity of their décor is a beautiful thing to be inspired by.

The bathrooms have natural tubs, beautiful lighting and strategically-placed light fixtures which illuminate their surfaces in a warm and pleasant way.

The bedrooms also have their own ways to make one feel relaxed and comfortable. The décor is simple, with a combination of neutral colors and a soft color palette.

But one of the most memorable spaces here all of the rooms share in common the relaxing and calming atmosphere present in the gorgeous gardens close by. The colors were chosen to offer a sense of privacy and intimacy. They are soft and chic but at the same time they look very friendly and chic.

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