Light Trends In Home Décor – For Those Who Love More Nature

Designing and decorating a home with light influences is not as easy as some might think. There are a lot of different collections and styles to choose from and they’re also usually not as simple or colorful as other light influences. You also have to know which materials to pick and how you use them. We have selected five of the most popular light trends and we hope they can inspire you.

Art Deco Lighting.

You can either choose to decorate your home in a certain way or with a more minimalist style. Deco-inspired decors often involve abstract art and artistic forms. People tend to use abstract patterns and prints but this doesn’t mean they don’t also take art form in their homes. You can still create an abstract pattern but you don’t have to use contrasting colors. It’s best to choose something simpler than that.

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You can also use paperribs from an old file cabinet to bring some of the magic into your home. You can combine several paperribs of different colors or you can create a wall collection. You could also just freehand something and this way the whole thing would have character.

Abstract Art.

Then it’s time to take a look at some more abstract patterns, art pieces and ideas. You could use an old recipe book or anything else you like to create something beautiful. Use the black and white combination to create that dramatic look.


Usually shelves are used in the dining room to store and display things like dinnerware, vases, table linens and other items. You can decorate them with all sorts of items that usually go on a shelf. For example, you could use wrapping paper to create a stylish design or you can cover a small storage unit with a custom board and turn it into a bookcase.


When decorating a room with a sign, it’s also a way to add texture to the space. For example, you can transfer some photos or artwork onto a simple wooden board and use that as a decoration board. You could also make a screen for the wall so you can display decorations on it. You should first paint its board with a dry erase board or paper to make sure it matches your décor. Apply painter’s tape around the edges.

From mirror to wall.

Mirrors are great wall decorations. But instead of just taking up the entire wall, you can just paint it a nice pattern. If you’re using a mirror, then the flower orreath pattern should be your focal point. This way you’ll create a focal point for the room and this way your guests will be able to notice anything that goes out of the way or that you highlight your beautiful plants.

From the table.

If you’re not allowed to display dishes on the table, then you can just use dishes to make a nice and interesting place setting. The kitchen is a great place for that. You can use plates to make place settings for the guests or you can make your own dinner vignette.

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