Red Swimming Pool Of A Luxury Resort In Singapore

Singapore, also known as Singapore’s tropical paradise, is often a country originally built to serve the rich and famous. Lately, though, money has gotten to be the problem of this particularly place. Instead of keeping the building around useless, those who really wanted to build something more were convince to build something stylish and special. This is the tried and tested strategy of those just starting to build their dream home.

This resort-style residence is one of the properties that exactly fits any tropical climate, so the whole project is impressive. The luxury resort-style home was designed by Seychelles-based design studio Seychelles- too.

Red Swimming Pool Of A Luxury Resort In Singapore Photo 2

The design concept of this project is basically the “heart of the home”. This large wall-mounted display is almost entirely made of glass, which gives it a wonderful transparent view and gives it a futuristic and very convenient appeal. This display is combined with low, horizontal frames and it becomes almost like an extension of the internal structure of the house, not like you would see in any typical house. The whole design gives it personality and, also, reveals its own personality and strategy behind it, hidden from the outside, just how a luxurious house should look like.

Red Swimming Pool Of A Luxury Resort In Singapore Photo 3

The house’s interior looks like a suspended composition and it’s the result of a great teamwork and collaboration between the architects and the client. The designers used fabric and wood to create some soft, comfortable but also very warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the house. The owners wanted something different and a little more isolated than the mainstream living spaces that are usually cold. They felt like there was a bigger challenge in creating this family-oriented design, because the house had to combine private living space with open spaces.

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