Sunken Bathtub – White Marble Sink

Bathrooms are usually very simple in terms of interior design. They have minimalist decors and usually white ceilings. This is the main color used and it’s also a color that has a strong influence on the designers and architects of a great literary. Today we’re going to take a look at a sink that has nothing special about its design. It’s basically a combination of white and dark woods that looks quite intriguing.

This sink is actually a simple rectangular bowl that can be placed somewhere in between the two standard lines. the oval part comes in two sizes. The small square part from both sides is 2.25 mm. It’s why it’s not a normal shape. As for the other details, the bowl is made of concrete, plus the square. It might not be a popular item in most bathrooms and it’s not meant to be practical, that something you could though. Still, it’s an interesting element, regardless of the dimensions. The rectangular shape has something that no bathroom should have, a round shape. It makes it feel more intimate and it also provides a more intimate image.

Sunken Bathtub – White Marble Sink Photo 2

The concrete used to make this sink has a texture that needs to be deep so that the water can get into the crevices. The texture of the concrete needs to be toned down but the same can also be said about the finish of the concrete. For a more rustic look, choose a more contemporary concrete sink. You could opt for something simple and elegant of maybe a concrete tap for example.

Sunken Bathtub – White Marble Sink Photo 3

You might be wondering how much it will cost for this washbasin. Well, in case you have a budget for this accessory, it can be yours. It will also get a beautiful antique look.

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