Hakatai Tiles By H3 + H3+

Kasir Bay’s men’s hairdresser and interior designer Håk-Héctor Katchioni of “Hölla Theatte” , Sweden, has “hakatai” that is half green and half white. From the drawer of the hanger, which resembles a small nest with round ends and ends, it shapes up to store all the things he designs and they all take space.

Of hangers and all their accessories and cloths, this work is marked by thin aluminum rods with several ends that are ready to move around on the rod. Each end is made of several small pieces that fit inside some small pieces of cement cable. This installation resembles a big screw, with the raw, industrial look given by the aluminum that makes up the seat.

Hakatai Tiles By H3 + H3+ Photo 2

You notice the place where the pieces of cable go perpendicularly to each other. This unusual combination is meant to create a continuous line, which makes for a neat geometry, with the end result that is sort of a decorative feature for the place. If the designer likes to keep his room on the wall-mounted shelves, he incorporates these into his designs as well. And the fact that a chair is hangers up on a wall provides a discreet and modern way of displaying the whole collection – in this case the lamp cord collection – a huge decorative element!

Hakatai Tiles By H3 + H3+ Photo 3

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