Compact Staircase Designs That Encourage Creativity And Concentration

When we spend all our free time sitting at the top of the staircase, we start to concentration on the things around us that are important to have. We need to get out of bed that is very heavy and that is very hard to walk around. When you’re sitting on a metal or wooden staircase, you start to worry about the space you have available because you can’t use anything else. But this compact staircase solves that problem. It’s compact and space-efficient, not to mention that.

This compact staircase was designed by Ottawa-based Canadian firm Christopher Simmonds Architect. It was designed for the Thomas Dane Gallery and it has a very simple design. It’s an airy and bright décor. The stairs have a sculptural design and, at the same time, they look modern and minimalist. It’s a perfect example that shows us the possibilities you can create when you want to decorate an empty space with an open plan space. It’s perfect for just about any type of space. You have the desk and the storage spaces, the living area with the sofa and the bedroom that’s also small.

The staircase is part of a display of paintings that create a sense of color and that emphasizes the shape of the staircase. The colors were chosen using a combination of white and black that also creates an eye-catching image. Some of the paintings have colorful shoes embroidered on the wall and these are just little hints. Overall, it’s an ingenious and original design that doesn’t overwhelm the rooms. It’s a way of making your home look more inviting. It’s a simple and clever way of encouraging your child to learn how to be more independent.

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