Rustic Tiny Homes For The Traveler

The tiny homes you see are not what you expect to find out on the inside of your mind. They are not what you expect to find on the outside of a hotel or on a deserted piece of land. It’s why they are a great way of bringing an exotic touch to any home. Since travelers often prefer to stay in crowded cities where other people can perhaps modify the space and turn them into a safe home, this allows the tiny homes to be the safe home that you’re desire.

This is a collection of small accommodations designed by architect Tadao Ando. As an architect and a car lover, finding a suitable temporary home for himself was not an easy task. With his travels of more than 50 years, he realized that a tiny space was necessary in order to enjoy all the freedom that defines his lifestyle. In order to keep getting to like the place, he built a tiny house that basically didn’t have legs.

At a first glance, the tiny house looks very kingly and cuddled here, focusing a luxurious view on itself. However, once you’ve gone through the trouble of building something like this, you can’t help but notice all the little golden details that make the structure look so charming. The cabin also has a very special charm, resembling a playhouse. It’s a place where the owner can cry about every difficulty.

The architect was inspired by the routine of everyday life and the need for comfort when sleeping. Instead of seeing the tiny house as just a space where the owner would hide with a comfy mattress, he found a wonderful solution that involved the structure and design of a whole new piece of furniture. It’s the new cabin that you’re about to see. It was designed into a compact cube and inside it features a bed and a bathroom. It wold be enough for a single person to fulfill the dream that only a couple or a couple can have.

If this structure became an apartment, then the owners will have to live on an upper floor. This means that this space will be used for something else. However, the design is simple and efficient. The cabin is not nearly as expensive as it may seem. It was built on a hilly valley terrain and, surprising the eye, it doesn’t feature a very discreet shape.

At the outside, the wood seems to have dried up and the same thing can be said about the interior. The interior is minimalist, especially if we also take in the exterior. Although small, the tiny house is filled with natural light and beautiful views and the interior is comfortable and chic.

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