Subterranian House Extension By LKM Architetti

The project is located in LKM architetti’s headquarters in Biella, Italy. The team was asked to design a bigger home for the client, a beach house which would also incorporate all the art the owners could require.

The architects decided to choose some minimalist images and to incorporate the house’s vertical garden. As for the rest of the design, it’s a modern mansion but not lacking luxurious touches. The actual décor is very simple. The style is more open and bright and this makes it feel more like a cozy home.

Subterranian House Extension By LKM Architetti Photo 2

The house is bright and very inviting, being the perfect place to call the beach retreat. It was designed to resemble a tropical oasis. It’s a single-level structure with very few openings. The residence features a contemporary interior design and a simple yet eye-catching array of materials and colors. Add the splendid outdoor terrace and the views to the vast and open social areas and you get a wonderful balance.

The house is wrapped in a rainscreen overhang along one edge and this creates a feeling of space and abundance while also contributing to the house’s energy efficiency. An open air ventilation system prevents the house from overheating in summer.

The openings throughout the house are beautifully optimized to capture the sunlight and all the greenery and contribute to the house obtaining an almost monastic atmosphere. The master bathroom is located on one side of the house and the guest bathroom on the other. These are all individual spaces which are beautifully integrated into the design.

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