Prefab Dome House In Prague

The dome house is located in Prague, Czech Republic, in an igloo mechanism, at the top of a mountain. The project was completed in collaboration with Made in Chicago. The dome house allowed designers to create a barn-like environment, where the atmosphere is reminiscent of a barn-house or of the New York loft we see in Soho. The igloos aren’t the average barn, as they possess refrigerators, but they are very cold (irc salt air) and conducted with very little heat. Windows and doors in the main structure are made of larch, which is a very rustic and roughly local stone. Other elements in the house have tried to make their place seem warm and welcoming, by adding an oak furniture around fireplace, an old wooden door and of course an olive floors, painted in black. In the bedroom, furniture is arranged naturally near the windows, so it features the birch tree covered niches. The place has a very strong connection with the dome, where a big number of old and wooden barrels have been kept.

The general atmosphere is cozy and pleasant, with the windows slightly lacking, but definitely natural, so the owners can rest easy knowing they have invested their money. What is important is the curious fact that architects decided to keep the dome in favor of the living space. The owners certainly understand this is not the end to having a pleasant place, so they wanted to see beyond the dome. The dome was decorative, but the owners have also decided to use it for storage.

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