Contemporary Wainscoting In Manchester

Wainscoting is fun, everyone can get in on the “swinginess of it”, even the tired cave-like structures they create inside the house. However, very few manage to translate this fun feeling into real life. Unless of course, everyone is capable of incorporating it into their home, a lot like this Residence In Skye Park by Walker Workshop. Architects in Scotland, Scotland, designed this feature to be an architect’s interpretation of the neighborhood, as it directs people closer to the landmark, thus creating an interaction between the interior and the landscape.

This projects as though you could create a house with the difference that the difference is from the exterior. In order to achieve this, the house has a wooden exterior which makes the pieces exterior, while the interior is organized as follows: living spaces are situated on the ground floor, the basement links to the garden via a staircase.

There is a warm atmosphere once you’ve passed through the gate that wraps around the house. The goal was to create a luxurious home offering quality holiday living. That’s why the house doesn’t just provide the beautiful views and the inviting atmosphere. The materials used also make it luxurious and also affordable. For example, the polished concrete from the terraces, the wooden floors and the wooden beams which can be seen throughout the interiors. It’s a design inspired by the Adirondack chair.

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