Mid Century Modern Dining Room Chairs From Delight

A dining room is usually a space where family members gather to have a meal out together. It’s what many of us came up with when creating a mid century modern dining experience. But that was also the purpose of the dining room chairs. They were designed to look and feel elegant and that’s been achieved in numerous pieces of furniture, including dining room chairs, arch chairs, tables and even desks.

The molded polyurethane back and seat cushion are perfect for long dining rooms as they hide all sorts of details that make the room feel elegant and warm. Sometimes mid century modern dining rooms are really special because of the details but sometimes mid century modern dining rooms are designed to feel casual and very comfortable while also being very inviting.

This table is a representation of the result of the designer’s creative process. Created by Delight, this is a table base with a wooden top and a glass top. The glass top is transparent and has a matte finish. It’s a combination between a transparent sheet of glass and a colored sheet of glass that hides the hardware. The table is crafted in only one side of a glass frame so its shape remains the same but the other half shares the color combination. It’s interesting how this half-glass design allows you to feel the dimensions of the table while also admiring the soft edges and the way they interact.

The shape and the minimalist nature of this table are the reasons why it’s still very appreciated to many people like that it’s been a classic choice that never fails. So if you like mid century modern products and you want to make your own beautiful dining table that perfectly meets your expectations, you should consider Delight.Available on site.

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