Solitaire Island Terratology In The Kitchen

We all dream about having our own house in the kitchen. Sometimes the excitement of breakfast in the morning becomes the motivation to get lots of people to eat.

The breakfast zone usually looks very normal and doesn’t much space to occupy. The more you occupy the less space you have in the kitchen and the better the rest is linked to the way you use the space. However, it’s often better to have this way of maximizing the space and minimizing the clutter. The image must be crystal precise in order for the interior to look and feel to be perfect.

Now let’s see how exactly we can achieve this objective in the kitchen. Well, first of all, the color of the furniture should be white either to match the walls, to create a uniform and space-efficient look, or to be as white as possible plus you can add the decorations that will make your décor stand out.

Essentially, the color of the furniture has the role for giving the kitchen a sophisticated look. So, for example, in the case of the cabinets and appliances, if white the color of the walls must be combined in order to create uniformity, then of course all the walls can be painted white, too. In this case all the walls need to be painted a different color, so don’t use more than two vibrant colors. Also, don’t use more than two colors and combine them. The key is to use color combinations that work well together.

Another way of creating a coherent décor is to use the same type of furniture for both the kitchen and the dining room. This means that for the dining room it’s usually better to have a long wall with brown furniture, a low stool and maybe even a table and some chairs.

If the kitchen is part of an open floor plan and not necessarily it’s connected to the dining room, then you can still create that connection by designing that area as one portion of the open floor plan. Repeat the same color palette for both areas and you can also opt for a different shape for the table. Just make sure you take full advantage of the space.

In the case of the dining room you don’t necessarily need a large table to accommodate it. If your kitchen is long and narrow, this can actually be a really good opportunity to use colors and materials that match the rest of the interior décor. This means you can use crisp and pure colors for the table and the chairs and bold textures for the chairs and the area rug.

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