Black And White Modern Living Room By Cecconi Simone

As a modern interior designer, you must have felt the need to take some maintenance. But don’t use chemicals all day because you’ll be damaging the paint and it will start to look faded and run tight. The living room is the room where you need to be very careful when it comes choosing the color for the furniture. It needs to be a very light color and the living needs to be clean. So avoid choosing the modern and the fancy colors. A black and white combination looks great in any living room.

Cecconi Simone have created a modern living room for those looking for clean and simple lines. The walls have been painted white throughout the living room, so there’s only color used in one section. The furniture is minimalist and basic, with straight and simple lines and no unnecessary details. Also, the colors chosen for this design are neutral and go well with the whole minimalist image that the black and white combination creates.

The living needs to feel calming after it’s been spent. The interior is decorated with a soothing palette of colors. The black and white theme seems like a very good option. A black and white theme will create a sophisticated look, not only for the house but for apartments as well.

This minimalist living room looks just like a typical living room. There’s no wall anymore. The whole room is decorated with chic black and white features. The minimalistic and modern décor creates a nice balance. The lack of windows makes this room even more difficult to decorate. This room needs to be changed and the compromises don’t have to be made.{found on diyhouse}.

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