Edison Style Lamp – Minimalist Style Statement

With a very suggestive name and a material that’s both recyclable and eco-friendly, the Edison style lamp is an ideal way of bringing a piece of nature inside your home. The proof that it’s not that difficult to create is the fact that this product is really easy to make. The most difficult task is to find a good way to do that and, more than that, to give it a beautiful shape while also maintaining functional stability. And as easy as that may be, there are also many design challenges to overcome and they don’t always turn out spectacular.

With a creativity of their own, the Edax lights float from the wall and sphere around its users, ensuring their need for privacy while at the same time illuminating the spaces. With 48? diameter and 58? height, the Edax lights allow you to light up your home from outside, using botholtaic and hydro current power to light up the dinner table, living room and even from the bedroom. The globes are made from stainless steel and have a transparent polyester electric cord. When turned on, they create an almost romantic glow and can even be used in the sauna or at the swimming pool. The edax lanterns are of two types – those made from resilient HI-MACS® and more expensive materials that can be molded into the shape of an ideal lamp. These lights are also very strong and won’t break with time as they are made to last for a very long time.Available for £216.00.

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