Suspended Stairs Make For A Creative Staircase Design

The suspended staircase is a spectacular feature in any home. It offers a new perspective which allows you to admire yourself in the mirror you may have chosen during the day or in the evening. Suspended stairs are very beautiful and impress wherever you might place them. Also, there are very many designs that are designed to appeal to children.

This suspended staircase serves as a support for certain slides also called mezzanines. The platform is designed to offer children the possibility to climb on it, in a unique and fun play environment. The staircase seems to be part of the toy building created by the parents. The animal that is attached to the staircase base is a printed wallpaper specimen that is hung from the ceiling underneath the staircase. It can be reached by the user by a special green rope.

Suspended Stairs Make For A Creative Staircase Design Photo 2

The lighting fixtures are really cute and interesting. For example, the Pony Vertical system is a collection of decorative lamps that resemble cats. Each shelf is made of two pieces that slide to the desired length. The lampshades are made of thin white ceramic plates and the discs always have a black or white insert. They come in two sizes: small and large and they take a lot of space.

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