Modern Mansion Houses Stunning Views In Snowy Colorado

Perched on a hill in the heart of Colorado, this cozy pad Paradise Valley estate recently got a new face with a modern extension. Designed by Secret Architecture, the multi-family home is built from a prefabricated steel frame and ice-foam structure that has had molding, variances and colors crafted by the home owner as designer. The predominantly white palette is completed with the addition of a modern white Cor-ten steel rooftop addition and the addition of a contemporary steel facade as well as a black solar panel system.

The road from the residence is filled with beautiful views and these views definitely make the house special as well. The mansion is a one-storey structure located in a rustic and humble location. The traditional materials of stone, wood, stucco and iron were brought in to warm the overall look and ambiance and also help create an inviting and comfortable environment for the users. These elements have been modified in order to reduce the house’s environmental impact as well.

The residence features a spacious living room and a master bedroom with two beds, a home theater, a two-storey dining room and an office accessible from the kitchen. There are also three additional bedrooms and a house located in the back of the property. The views are extraordinary and they can be admired from each of the rooms which are situated on both sides of the building.

The interior décor is modern, minimalist and very inviting, just like the rooms from other pavilions. The white walls, the stainless steel appliances and the neutral tones create a balanced look throughout. The furniture is minimalist and few decorations are placed in key areas. The high ceilings allow the furniture placement to be admired from all sides. The overall design is elegant and beautiful and there’s also a zen feel in all the little details.{pictures by Holly M.

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