Color Schemes For Rooms With At Least One Other Color Scheme

Nowadays people tend to think of colors only for the common rooms and not for private homes. However, this is a fact, you can’t deny that a room decorated with all sort of bold and bright colors can be surprisingly relaxing and comforting. Chairs, beds, curtains and even sofas can be painted in multiple bold colors. Here are some examples of rooms with colorful walls and that’s a good thing mainly because of the dynamic and vibrant colors.

The firstpopular colors in a play room are turquoise. It’s not that common and it’s probably the colors chosen for this room. Turquoise, in this case, is the perfect choice because of its complementary color, purple. The turquoise is eye-catching and very serene.

Of course, you can create a more dynamic and colorful play room, very creatively and easily using colors. For example, this lovely dining room has a sofa, a carpeting in a bold coral and decorations that share the same color.

In this particular room the walls are painted in a beautiful peach and this completely changes the atmosphere. The classical chairs are the perfect touch of color and everything looks very dynamic and chic. The chandelier is indeed very chic and eye-catching. There are also some simple and fun accent pieces that you might want to try.

This particular room is the most fun I’ve ever had. It shows a Japanese room with curved walls, vintage chairs mixed with modern furniture and an overall eclectic décor. The focal point here is the wall that has brightly-colored wallpaper. The Peacock theme is also difficult to obtain in this case, mostly because of the materials that were used: painted wood, sheeting, leather, linen, cotton, leather, marble and metal.

This particular room opens onto a little hall with colorful floor lamps and a vintage armchair. Notice the color palette chosen for the room. Light shades look great and they’re also great for the overall décor.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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