Pale Wood Paneling And Warm Wooden Surfaces

The house, designed by MARTAN / VAR/RÖR, is located in São Sebastião, Portugal. The house is very warm and subtle, and the predominant colors are Woods and Quotes, in combination with White Wood.

The Furniture, in general, was meant to be very simple and modest, just like this: in composition, so that parts do not need access to each other, and each other can be used independently. The same essentiality is also visible in the Playa House, where the unified whole is brought together by the hallway system through the wide sliding glass wall, which is meant to be used as a back drop.

This wall, in ambient wood varnishing, is specific for rooms that need to be especially well ventilated to bring in the maximum much diffuse light. On the other hand, in rooms that need to be comfortable, the tapering floor is used as a means to emphasize this. The purpose is to promote the perception of the slope.

The dovetail joints of the Varaschin mirror the blinds window and make a natural division between the rooms even though they are only used as windows. By integrating them together in a seamless manner, the concern for non-treated side walls becomes obvious. Also, as a concrete material, the Varaschin wall is optically large and very linear. The Bygelatin table and the Bauhaus windows stand as vertical pieces between walls and columns and this allows them to disappear behind closed doors, which would require a lot of space for storage.

The room also responds to the purpose it was used to tell a story, to have rest and relaxation. Sumptuousness is also achieved through a free-form marble floor with deep carved details in it. The bare concrete wall gives it another volume and the porcelain panels on it light up from each other almost as if they were stars in the constellation. The polished marble table and chairs are the perfect red objects in the story.

The free-form marble counters are amazing and add a touch of good taste and elegant to the contemporary furniture. The lighting design was created by Philippe Starck with an evolving human need for more. He created this for us using stainless steel, aluminum and Corian. The table is amazing and the curved glass chairs are also very chic, not to mention comfortable.

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