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This house has no real purpose and all the modern features that a house should have is a few decorative objects that stand out in a simple and beautiful way. This house design, planned for an Edwardian villa which is located in Castiglioncello di Tessiglia, Italy, is an example of simplicity and coziness. It proves that not only art and furniture fulfill important role in a house, but also materials and finishes can be more important too. Built in an amazing place, this house plans include areas like a cinema reception, service areas, meeting room, patio, pool and plenty of living space.

Because the surroundings usually are dull and dead, there are a few options to give a boost, like the privacy levels planned in this project. The harsh desert contrasts (literally and figuratively) with the vast and beautiful nature. The architects at Studionist have chosen a carefully planned site with a sloped rock face, a long driveway and a lot of conforming grass. The implantation allows the house to form a series of terraces from the top of the hill to the lower level where there are social areas for leisure and relaxation.

Underground House Plans Designs And Built By K — Bitaletti Photo 2

The underground garage (it can barely be noticed) was meant to occupy the background so here it is, hidden behind the cladding wall and where you can find a pallet, a miniature version of its main part built and placed on the ground (roof). Despite its low height the construction manages to be very stable and moveable. The underground space is the sleeping area and its purpose is to be a sleeping shed for seasonal items such as animals. The materials used – especially the use of concrete walls and metal columns – provide strength and durability. Their modularity does not take into consideration that the house is self-sufficient. Moreover, the house is self-sufficient as in a way that you can heat an air source by opening a closed window and it can also use solar energy. The roof feeds soil and cobbles into the house’s floor which is self-watering. The use of rainwater to irrigate the plants offers a green perspective to the house. In order to round out the design, special attention was paid to the mesh vent. This allows the house to stay efficient, highly energy efficient, over the height of 300 sqm.

Underground House Plans Designs And Built By K — Bitaletti Photo 3

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