Cottage House Interior Renovation

This cozy 3-room flat was remodeled by Taking Over The Space with the help of 3 designer bloggers and angel fairy. The idea behind this project was to create a space where three generations could come together and have fun together. The flat was small and quite large, quite narrow but also spacious. Shutting off some of the space for a more open and friendly feel.

The loft has 3 bedrooms, a living room, a lounge area and a bathroom. All the levels have been designed as a large open space with some preserved original features. These are details that were carefully inserted into the new design to create a multiple sense of space and to allow the users have easy access to all the beautiful areas of the flat.

This particular apartment is filled with a mix of classic and DIY decorations, one of them being a flowerpot hanging from the ceiling. The color of the mix is bright and cheerful and the whole space presents some beautiful antique furniture as well as retro chic accessories. The antique furniture is combined with modern elements, pieces such as the industrial light fixture, the leather chair and the soft pendant lamp. Of course, there’s the Caravan console coffee table as well, an unexpected addition to the living room.

Cottage House Interior Renovation Photo 3

The kitchen features a large island with lots of storage space. The island is complemented by a set of Track 24 microwave shelves. The color palette in the living room includes tones of gray and black in several areas. As for the pendant lamp, it’s one of those simple and versatile elements that can become a focal point in the living room, bedroom or home office. To complement that light fixture, the pendant lamp has a minimalist design.

Cottage House Interior Renovation Photo 4

The dining room is part of the same social space and it also has access to a balcony overlooking the south-west section of the apartment. The windows were replaced with deep balcony windows, a change of pace. The light coming from the skylight above the kitchen also adds a light touch to the space.

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