Italian Villa Interior Design In Sweden

Found on Yatzer, this amazing villa is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and covers a total ground area of 330 square meters. It is in fact a combination of penthouses, private apartments, and studio’s, all enjoying the natural light and spaciousness of the great outdoors, either from the ceiling or first through the windows.

Since the penthouse is so much flooded with natural light and the apartments are very bright, the designers really thought it would be a good idea to give some artificial lighting to some of the balconies and putting in the glass all around the tabletops. Dressing each of the patios and stairwells the house with beautiful light fixtures ever since the beginning of time, as if they were meant just to brighten up the place, just like the natural sunlight over the high windows.

The walls are covered with beautiful art pieces that have been carefully chosen for each of the areas. But the most striking one is the very well-positioned modern crystal support for the table. The rest of the furniture is modern looking pieces of furniture and very well planned, giving the apartment an elegant and luxurious feel.

Not a single piece seems out of place, like chairs surrounding a table and a very simple Murano glass coffee table that not only supports the entire height of the apartment, but also doubles as a tall cupboard that serves as doubleside. I could easily have come to conclusion that this place is not for everyone, so let’s see for a few more ideas about it. As usual, it depends on your opinion.

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