Loft Home Plans By Prentiss Architects

loft home plans was designed by Prentiss Architects and is located in Orcas Island, Washington, USA.

The home is decorated mostly in white, white so the walls don’t look too simple and boring but there’s a lot to be said about all the different colors that were used and the that overall the loft was designed to be multifunctional and to suit the owner’s needs and preferences.

The interior was designed using a combination of white and warm tones which as the detail mostly in volumes featuring wood furniture and overall neutral color tones. The pure white walls are complemented by all the wood interior tones which is a very interesting design detail. The best thing about this loft is the fact that it was designed in such a way to let the user take a step in and to actually control the space and its distribution.

The designs of the lofts are modern and simple as well as playful and fun. They have simple furnishings and creative features and they’re all very beautiful. We’ve just seen one of them and we’re going to show you more. We’re currently interested in what you get yourself and what you can replicate with a little imagination.

Loft Home Plans By Prentiss Architects Photo 4

The loft was created by Russian Interiors, a small studio that takes aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics and next thing out of the equation. They have this website where professionals can feature all sorts of cool concepts that they can use for their own creations. This one has whole homes built into massive, slab walls and it also features the latest in furniture discoveries and trends as well as stunning views. Of course, this is a home for simple and minimalistic living.

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