Ikea Night Lamp

Every little girl has her own little bed where she can hide from her sister to sleep or play. Unfortunately most of us do not have such a nice nightlight, especially when we are tired and all the lights of our daydream. However, sometimes you may have the surprise to notice some very creative ideas of how to decorate your bedroom night lamp. For example here a very nice looking owl table lamp has a nice design based on the same principles.

It looks like a cute little robot head with eyes that light up when touched. So if you are into something kids then you will love this table lamp. It is available in black and white, in size from 5? x 10? (the model is available on Globalhoteland}.

Ikea Night Lamp Photo 2

I like this lamp a lot and I do have a big problem for it: I want to burn some natural light there but I can’t get the light to my eyes. So I use this table lamp on the side, where it lightens my light, but also shares some light with other children who also use it a normal lamp. But somehow this table lamp seems to be useful because its base reveals that there are controlled accent lights that provide the subtle touch of a light, that also make the lamp glow at night. It’s a great idea, again this kind of design, and this is what a kid usually likes to use when playing: orange light in the walls.

Ikea Night Lamp Photo 3

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