Sonic Showers – Shower Head Features

The shower head is mostly used for technical purposes but this doesn’t mean it can’t be turned on. There are many different types of showers. They differ in terms of design because of their functionality but they also all look equally beautiful. Thesonic shower head is one of the most ingenious and stylish ones we’ve seen so far. It’s an integrated hand shower that looks simple and elegant and it has an oval shape complemented by a rounded corner and a very simple waterfall.

Thesonic shower head is almost invisible when in its imposing compact form. Of course, it doesn’t have a dramatic impact on the design. Even though the contemporary shower is technically impressive, it still stands out with its oval shape and delicate curves. Even though these are elements that make a modern shower stand out, they are harmoniously combined. The combination of straight and curved lines makes the head and the body look extremely elegant and stylish. Even though this modern shower is not the most laid-back showering experience you’ll be expecting, it is a great inspiration source if you want to try something new and different.

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