Fun Light Fixtures For The Children’s Room

Kids are sensitive human beings and sometimes not all of us can see their faces when they are around. So parents and children are forced to choose the spot for their alarm clock or to the light bulb that can keep the child awake or at night happy. That is the problem with lamps and other light sources. Now the children’s room is supposed to be “inero’, that place where all the senses of their age are meeting in the same place. Inero is the place where the child sees his friends when he is outside. That is why the lamps and shades in the children’ s room should have nightlights.

The Lyceane Light Glass Table fits any children’s room. It is handcrafted from glass, covered in a brown synthetic finish that offers a vintage look. The four small drawers that you can see in the picture are perfect for the kids that i have a nice collection.

First of all the table is rather small, as it takes the minimum space that you need in the can, so it is not very big. This way it is perfect for the four children that do not need it. Then it is very useful also for parents that have children, too, as it can accommodate all the six children that they need for playing or other activities. It is made of transparent recyclable material that is recyclable, but don’t worry, it is all wrapped in glass. The Lyceane Light reflect adds a huge modern touch to the room, as it reflects all the kids details. The table is available in two sizes, so that you have the option to size up the table in order to fit the room.Available for $2700.

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Fun Light Fixtures For The Children’s Room Photo 4

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