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Shower designs today is that time when people spend more time in front of their bathroom, when they need a new shower they should get an makeover. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore styles and colors all the time. There are some simple, cheap, and most inexpensive shower makeover ideas, so we’re going to show you 5 of the best ideas, designs that work for your bathroom.

Glass Bathroom Shelves.

Usually shelves are just vanities in the bathroom. However, they can also be made from any other material if you really don’t want them to be separate rooms. Simple glass shelves can be just as functional as a wall-mounted system but can also be more elegant, with a modern and sleek look.

Textured Wall Décor.

Another great idea for changing the look of your glass bathroom vanity is to reveal the wall treatments you’ll be covering with your new custom made mirrors. Choose a simple, straight edge, and hang some single facing mirrors, from wall-mounted or built-in, from a simple ledge. The look can be perfected by mixing and matching mirrors of different sizes and lengths.

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