Retro Sink Designs From Delightfull

If you’re looking for a new sink for your kitchen, consider Delightfull’s products. They are specialized in appliances for bathrooms and kitchens, all in rock salt. They offer a wide range of products, fully fumed and carved glass washing stations, a high-end retro range with a ceramic stone sink basin, a ceramic boiling board and a long shelf for storing small things like soap and toothbrushes.

Besides offering all this functional features, Delightfull’s products are also very elegant and retro, so you can choose the one that better complements your existing bathroom décor. They are made from a combination of hardwood and melamine plastic that can be combined in a very nice manner. One shelf can be used as a stand and three ample drawers for storing small items, so that you can be creative and design anything as a mannequin.

Delightfully carved glass sinks are also very impressive and desirable. With its meticulous and modern design, this washbasin can integrate naturally within your bathroom décor, adding a very pleasant look that can’t be recreated with traditional or vintage decors. With its imposing stature, the Delight washbasin is also an interesting choice for modern or contemporary bathrooms.Available for $1,699.

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