Edge Wine Glasses – Beautiful Glass Tops Become Timeless

If there’s one thing wine glasses are there it’s this beauty. That connection is perfect, especially when you opt for the same old and classic wine glasses and turn them into something else. For those who like their wine glasses, there are a lot of different options you can try, each with its own unique characteristics and features. For example:

1. The Steal Restaurant in Milan, Italy.

This is not a wine cellar since it’s not one meant to be in the restaurant. The interior is actually quite simple and, despite the restaurant’s rough look, the interior is inviting, even though it’s very rough compared. In the center there’s an open bar with two tables. The interior is made of wood with polished amenities. Moreover, some of the walls were made of reclaimed bricks. In terms of material, similar to real bricks there’s also a clay tile pattern and salvaged microphone cognac shakers.

The restaurant offers diners directly from the entrance with this type of custom designed window treatment. The rest of the restaurant is a big no-front tables.

2. The snag lamp.

The décor in this restaurant is very unusual. It’s not meant to be sophisticated but rather rustic. It features an interior that almost screams coziness. The restaurant has a very interesting design. It’s not about the furniture or decorations but about the lighting. The light fixtures placed in unexpected spots and exactly where they are in the restaurant. The shades suspended on the ceiling create a very cozy atmosphere while also emphasizing the contrasts.{pictures by Karin Litschausland}.

3. The black and white pyramids.

This is not the first restaurant that we’ve presented here but it’s definitely one of the most interesting and memorable. This is a restaurant with a timeless design. It features world-renowned lighting technology and it can be found in Laoshuva Mountain, in central Israel. Here you can find the sparkle-like lighting that impress in and around the restaurant. The interior is also modern, simple and stylish.{found on site}.

4. The Gedda restaurant.

The Gedda restaurant is located in Tel Aviv and it was designed by local studio Itai Dori. It’s a very inviting restaurant with a design inspired by the traditional motifs. This one is also inspired by a snake branch, more exactly by the one in the egg.

The predominant color chosen for this restaurant is white. This way it creates a clean and airy atmosphere. It’s also a color that symbolizes simplicity so in order for the restaurant to stand out the interior décor has to be strictly kept an elegant and sophisticated look. It’s why it’s perfect for creating a subtle and subtle contrast between the steel shell and the white elements such as the floor, table, chairs, the walls and ceiling.

The restaurant was designed with minimalism in mind. The main lines of the restaurant are very simple but they are also very striking. It’s just a simple metal shell that has been painted white. However, it’s very strong and strong so those white lines are not what initially makes it so special. The restaurant also has several other interesting details, such as the lacquered plywood floors, the way the chairs are angled and the polyurethane finish.

The architects made sure to keep the interior décor simple and clean. This makes them attractive and makes every guest feel really comfortable. The color palette is the same inside the restaurant as the exterior. Several bold shades were used for the walls and ceilings. In addition to those, each room has at least one detail that makes it stand out. The ceilings are very beautiful and simple but don’t seem to lack character. The dining room, for example, features a round and cozy pouf rug complemented by patterned chairs.

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