Modern Mansion Game Room Designed By Studio Makers

An astonishing mansion … turned into a comfortable and fun place to play too. Those who didn’t know what to expect, when they expect to find an impressive estate would quickly realize the opposite is true. At this mansion, the main element is the pool outside.Inside, there’s a space dedicated to entertainment and for fun. There are motor court, motor court in the yard, motor court in the kitchen, dining room, sunny terrace, a beautiful garden, garage, pantry and sanitation facilities on the patio.

It’s definitely an impressive estate but not the type to come from the nearest town. The style chosen for it is not exactly modern but not outdated either. It’s a combination of industrial and vintage elements that, combined, shaped a fun and unique design that reminds of the old houses most of the world.

I particularly like the exterior structure of this mansion. It’s simple but striking. After you enter you have this strange sensation of a pavilion and a lawn. The views are amazing. There aren’t many other decorated walls and there are probably people that prefer privacy more.{found on archdaily}

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