Ultra Modern Mansion In Singapore

Every time a new mansion is built, there are certain elements that are always present and that make the house unique. One of those elements is the fact that there are almost all the original architectural and design features. The house for now located in Singapore is an unusual mansion but, on the outside, there are some very impressive features to this one-of-a-kind structure.

The residence was a project by Wallflower Architecture + Design, a Seattle based practice. It’s made up of two separate companies that developed similar designs. At first, none mind you had to look for a house when you look at the photos. Not that there’s anything unusual you noticed about it.

The interior of the house is inviting and not that flashy or complicated. Nevertheless, the architecture of this mansion is just amazing. The architecture is simple yet striking, simple and just right for this style. And, as you know, simplicity is key when building a modern and unique residence like this one.

The interior is very beautiful and cozy. The wooden floors create a warm and pleasant atmosphere while the colored walls give the house a fresh look. Furthermore, the multitude of windows in the living room let the natural light invade the house in many ways. Also, the elegant and luxurious furniture creates a strong contrast for those cold and grey pieces of furniture.{found on home-design}.

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