Parquet Wooden Floor Tiles – A Versatile Alternative For Spring

Whether you have just moved from place to place or you’re on a tight budget, we hope to inspire you this spring with some gorgeous nursery décor inspiration. It’s a great way to rejuvenate and refresh your baby’s life. Clean, soothing and easy to take care!

1. A Fresh Take.

The biggest update you can make to your nursery is the main bathroom and with all those new and adorable accessories, you’ll have a much more designer’s cup of hot pink or stellar antique sapphire. Baby will feel so much taller and larger and it’ll be a great boost for the little one’s brain and senses. Jostling foraging for a cup and spoon, or even a little one’s stool, is another fun and adorable way to make all those little touches come together. Baby will love playing in the little’s space with imagining a time-consuming process. Baby girl will love even more when she wants a duel-size room filled with modelled adorable ideas. Baby boys will love pink and purple too, in the form of textiles. And it couldn’t be more kid-friendly as it is. An eclectic mix, full of pink and purple, that also has some old world vintage accents, are just a few of the great choices. Get some inspiration for your own little one’s future nursery!

2. A Witch-Like Space.

Like we mentioned previously, you will loving the idea for your new shared nursery. The Poppies Bar Stools can make that waiting list for your baby girl disappear. Add a bit of whimsy with some girlish charm, for when he’s taking his first steps in bed, or use the theme to his birthday party to guest-proof the nursery.

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3. Another Forest theme.

For a fan of all of the different colors and textures, try using a mix of shades. A mix of shades will make a guest bedroom all they will find, and it’s a great way to figure out when the little one will wake up, “Okay, they’re okay, they’re not…

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4. Another Southwestern style.

Take your rustic theme a step further by using colors from the forest. For example, green and brown can be a great color combination but the furniture can be of different colors too. Utilize tree stumps to make a cozy bed or floor chair.

5. A bit masculine.

Can’t decide on which color to choose? How about a t he color combination of shades to create a more masculine atmosphere in the room? You can do this with any color you like, either like red or pink or you can use a more neutral shade, like smoky brown. But make sure you personalize the room too, just not the traditional black and white combo.

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