Wet Bar Sinks – A Chic Alternative To Regular

If you want a new sink for your wet bar, then you should take a look at this gorgeous piece. The Wet bar sink is part of the WetsBar line. It’s a beautiful contemporary piece with a simple and yet sophisticated design. It features an open shelf and a hand held drain. It’s also equipped with high and horizontal drainage, just what you need when you’re trying to save some space on the patio or deck.

The dishwasher sits on top of the sink, very close to the double slit that allows it to avoid the splashing. The frame is strong and durable and it only comes in black. The overall dimensions of this beautiful and minimalist piece are 140’’w x 125’’d x 31.5’’h. It’s a very stylish piece, easy to integrate in decors and bringing something modern into a contemporary home.Available on site.

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