Old Tubs – A Modern Alternative For The Bedroom

Bathroom is one of those spaces that seems to be missing any delicate and specific pieces of furniture. However, in order to be able to create a suggestive décor for your bedroom that doesn’t require those pieces of furniture, you’ll have to rely more on items like the bathtub or the washbasin. Here are a few examples of bathroom designs that once again prove that color can make all the difference.

This doesn’t look like the typical bathroom. It actually quite simple. The tub is placed in the corner and the glass door makes it seem like the room only hides other things and stands out with its white frame. It’s simple and modern. However, it’s not the same story. Everything about this bathroom is different. First of all, the light golden and transparent surfaces create the impression of a very simple, even minimalist room. Also, the colors are the same throughout the bathroom. The black and white combination is soothing and goes well with the whole minimalist décor.

The oblong shape of the bathtub is not the only color that characterizes this bathroom. They are also combined beautifully. The same goes for the other pieces of furniture. For example, the washbasin can be considered a simple washbasin. The glass is a very nice feature because the rest of the room is also minimalist and bright. And the same thing goes for the decorations. The bathroom is meant to be simple and airy, this particular detail being the most important detail.

In order to create some contrast, the décor is mostly simple. The colors used for the interior are mostly neutral. I particularly like the tones of brown and beige. I like the little cherry red touches. Actually, I think that some of the colors used here are very subtle.

The only contrasting elements are the white background that is also the strong base from which the whole structure is built. It’s amazing how the light is controllable and the amount of natural light is controlled very nicely. The bathroom is very simple. It has only an unusual layout, but it seems to be well organized.{pics bylines: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}.

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