Luxury Sinks From Blanc-colored Custom-made Furniture

VIET, the Italian-made VIET bath, is an exquisite luxury bathroom designed by P&T salts. It features a combination of natural materials such as marble, Corian, and its material palette includes white or light-colored wood, sink vanities, and Corian. The high-end material palette is inspired by the production number and features soft and elegant edges with rounded lines. The style used for VIET is a minimalist and luxurious look with subtle and interesting details.

The vanity is a perfect example of a design based on functionality. This sink vanity is made from a combination of wood and sophisticated metal. It has a large mirror that reflects the beauty of the wood in its natural grain and it features an elegant wood base, a linear washstand and a built-in mirror that indicates the mirror is actually a mirror’s reflection.

The bathroom also features a practical design, defined by clean lines and little additional furniture pieces. The bathtub is placed on a sophisticated vanity that has an elegant mason shelf for robes. The piece hides the water tank but still lets it be seen and is extremely useful, keeping your essentials comfortably.

The bathroom is square and spacious and the shower walls provide a smooth surface for relaxation and soaking up heated herbs and plants. The stainless steel appliances are just what this bathroom needs to be complete.

The island is minimalistic, with elegant and classy lines and a neutral palette of materials. The overall look is luxurious and sophisticated, a perfect mix.

The apartment is futuristic and extravagant and every little detail issmanship.

The courtyard is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s amazing how much a bathroom can incorporate a bold Pirk bathroom mirror, which is a must if you want to take zoning for walk-in showers or city spas. The corrugated sheet also makes it easy to organize your space and still provides the necessities without making it seem overwhelming.

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