Mid Century Modern Fireplace Screen

The fireplace is often the feature that gives personality to the house. It’s a permanent feature that can exist between each room of the house and it adapts to the owner’s preferences and personal preferences. Most often the fireplace screen is used as a decorative element but it can also be a useful structure when you want to create a romantic décor.

This beautiful fireplace screen is indeed beautiful as it is. It’s elegant and precious and it’s also quite flexible. It’s something that you would probably expect to see in a hotel lobby. However, the design is not the only important element. The screen features an elaborate design and it’s seamlessly embedded into the décor.

Mid Century Modern Fireplace Screen Photo 2

The fireplace screen is a dominant feature in this décor. Even though it’s a large structure with lots of windows and glass doors, this doesn’t interfere with its overall inviting look. The fireplace wall features lovely cream wallpaper that makes itself disappear into the background. Another beautiful element is the piano that plays an important role in this décor. The master bedroom is also very airy and spacious. The piano features the same color palette as the walls so, even though it seems like a contemporary creation, it has that touch of rustic that creates a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. The kitchen is very large and it has been decorated in a very chic color that matches the shades of wood in the floor. The glass doors and the golden details add a very chic touch to the décor.{found on residence percentage weighted belt}.

Mid Century Modern Fireplace Screen Photo 3

Mid Century Modern Fireplace Screen Photo 4

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